Corporate Video
Don’t the staff in my company already know what’s going on?

Well yes, maybe they do. But maybe they don’t – and what about new ones? As you expand or have changes in the workplace it becomes all the more important that everyone is working from the same page.

It can not only be fun and engaging but it can communicate detailed and complex ideas as well. You’ll ensure that your key messages are efficiently delivered to every corner and branch of the business and with 100% consistency. As a standalone presentation or used in conjunction with a speaker, videos are simply an essential tool.

Promotional Films
What can you do with a sales or promotional film?

People will happily sit down to view a short video presentation from beginning to end, compared to brochures and printed material which are often skimmed through if read at all. Use it for sales people to give to prospective clients as a taste of your product range. Use it to explain the benefits of your service. Use it to say something about your culture and who you are. They are also fun. You get to star in them if you like!

TV Commercials
How do you tell your story in a 15 or 30 second TV ad?

Believe it or not, it can be done. There’s a few rules we have learned in over 15 years of making television commercials. Here are some: Engage the viewer. Stand out. Keep it simple. Don’t try and throw everything including the kitchen sink in. If you can – begin a campaign, rather than run single unrelated ads. Tell your brand story if you can. Get enough spots so your television commercial will be seen frequently by the same target audience. Be different. If in doubt, leave it to the experts. We tell stories. Sometimes long ones. Sometimes very short ones.

Web Video

TV is super. It’s awesome. But with TV ads you might channel hop, or txt, or make a berry tea, or YouTube for a bit. It happens. Internet video is a bit different. It could be a funny viral video. It could be an interactive video. It could just be a really nice video on your site saying something useful about you. Whatever it is – audiences have found it from friends or Google and want to watch it. Imagine that? The markets for internet video today have never been larger. Facebook. Viral video. Website. YouTube. Which is where we come in.

Now, we’re not going to go and try to convince you that the Internet rules the school. I mean, it would be awesome if you agreed, but you know, it’s okay if you don’t. What’s relevant, however, is that due to the many technical and cultural changes in the realm of internet and video – there are now many new tools at your disposal.

In-Store Ads
Why advertise in-store?

Digital signage screens are now found in both public and private environments, including retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and corporate buildings. Content on these screens can include music videos, sport, menus, information, advertising and other messages.

Why’s having advertising content in store effective? Well, about 70% of shoppers make their purchase decisions in the store itself – so the opportunity to influence consumers is huge. Manufacturers can reach customers where they shop; retailers can gain new revenue streams and more influence over product sales.

Why record your event?

You’ve put in a lot of hard work to make your event happen, but perhaps not everyone can attend in one place, or perhaps you have an amazing international speaker that you’d like to capture for prosperity. It’s time to record the event for promotional purposes or to create a lasting video resource. What next?

We have a decade and a half of experience covering a wide range of events and activities using single and multiple cameras. We’ve covered all kinds of events from conferences, workshops, to plays, dance and beauty pageants! Whether you want the event filmed purely as a record, or require a full DVD package for sale – we can provide you with the options. Remember a video is the next best thing to being there.

On television, we are passive viewers who watch a series of pictures pass before our eyes...

We can change the channel and passively watch another set of pictures, or we can get up and walk away. That’s about it. With interactive video, we can change the order of these pictures. We can affect what’s in the picture. We can get pictures more to our liking. We can make the pictures. It’s a ridiculously larger palette. We have barely begun to scratch the surface.

I have worked with Mason on a number of assignments - and enjoyed every one of them. Mason is a wonderfully quick, competent, versatile and imaginative sound and cameraman. And he's a great and most supportive organiser; lights are installed, parking places found, lunches arranged, appointments confirmed with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency. His greatest strength, though, is with programme participants. He is always positive and encouraging, and provides excellent advice and reinforcement so that even the most nervous and inexperienced "talent" gives a good account of him/her self when the camera rolls. Working with Mason is always a pleasure - and a success. Ian Johnstone - Broadcaster